Shattered Murano Glass: the Discarded Treasures of Venice

This is the typical postcard view of Venice, gondola gently ambling between colorfully waterlogged buildings.

The fine art of constructing gondolas is still preserved – possibly for the benefit of tourists – on the island city. Be sure to check out Squero di San Trovaso – the gondola boatyard to observe this process.

Besides romantic gondola rides, Venice is of course, famous for the ornate and colorful glass produced on the neighboring island of Murano. Behind the factories producing these elaborate glass treasures are dumpsters filled with the broken and discarded remains of failed works.

Cigarette butts mingle with the shattered shards, their orange spongy tubes perfectly camouflaged. Although broken and shamefully discarded, there is an abstract beauty to the mingling of shapes colors and textures, butts included.

Venice Glass

I stayed at the Firenze Hotel Venice during my trip – it was affordable and comfortable with that old Venetian charm. Every time I looked out of my hotel room window I saw this view and almost expected a Bond villain to scamper across the roof tiles.

The staff are friendly and will gladly direct you to their favorite restaurants and local aperitivo spots exclaiming “hey that’s where I drink, maybe I’ll see you there later!”




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