The Baxter Inn: Underground is the new black

I pass under a sandstone archway with dark cobblestones underfoot; ahead of me shadows flicker across a mysterious backdrop and muffled voices echo past dim shadowy walls. The dark alleyway opens to reveal a small courtyard with an darkly dressed man inconspicuously loitering in a corner, he beckons me closer and I comply. After a short exchange I am ushered through a nondescript doorway and start making my way down a drab concrete stairway, with each step the muffled babble of voices becomes more distinct. Finally I reach the door, after this mysterious adventure I’m sure it’s a portal to another world and I’m not wrong.

Upon passing through the portal, I am thrust in to a 1920’s prohibition style speakeasy complete with wooden beams and brick archways. The dim lighting only just reveals a long, dark bar with an impressive backdrop of hundreds of bottles of whiskey. Pulling up a stool, the friendly and passionate staff are more than glad to discuss flavor profile preferences, throwing around words like peat and tobacco, honey and spice until your face lights up at the right combination.
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The journey to this bar highlights the thought that went in to creating a truly unique experience with the staff and ambiance true to character and an exceptional whiskey selection it’s a winning combination that’s sure to please.

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