Sydney Restaurant Review: Pilu At Freshwater

When a family comes together for a meal it is a significant occasion. Especially when family members are scattered around the globe. We chose wisely with Pilu At Freshwater. From start to finish it was the perfect restaurant experience.

Our waiter was exceptionally talented at knowing exactly how long to linger and how much to banter. This created a friendly atmosphere, like we were dining at a (wealthy) Italian friend’s house who was an exceptional host.

On to the main event, the food! Each course we had seemed deceptively simple, beautifully presented with uncomplicated ingredients yet packed with flavour. A surprising winner for me was the Pecorino consommé with hand rolled fregola and zucchini flowers. There was something powerfully addictive about that flavoursome dish, the Pecorino cheesy flavour was surprisingly delicate and the texture of the al dente fregola was a perfect match.

If you have questions about the food, don’t hesitate to ask. You will see the passion and pride of the staff at their food first hand. We asked about the origin of the “Humpty Doo Barramundi” with the comment that it didn’t have the usual earthy flavour that Barramundi often carries, our waiter lit up with excitement and told us about the specific conditions in which the fish is raised by the supplier in order to eliminate that exact undesired flavour. It showed the care and attention to the selection of produce by the chefs and the extensive knowledge of the food served by the wait staff. Impressive!

Set by the shores of Freshwater beach with the gentle rush of waves accompanying our meal, it was an experience that brought our family much pleasure on one of those rare occasions we were united. Well done Pilu!

*Banner image courtesy of Pilu At Freshwater (I’ll have to get down there in daylight to take my own soon)

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