IK Restaurante in Lima, Peru: Modern & mysterious cuisine with traditional roots


This was the last restaurant I visited I went to in Peru and it really tied together everything I had experienced so far. Throughout my trip I had eaten everywhere from local eateries, friendly local homes and dusty road side cevicherias. Every flavour and experience I had through my travels was brought together with a modern twist at this wonderful restaurant.

The setting is dark and mysteriously lit, the tables romantically decorated with rose petals and smooth dark stones. The setting established the tone of the rest of the meal and the swift and professional service carried that tone throughout.


The dishes were presented on an eclectic mix of plates of varied colours and textures which complimented the patchwork of vibrantly hued food. It was reminiscent of the ornate forms found in the weaving of traditional Peruvian clothing I witnessed being made in the Cusco surrounds. Check out the gallery of dishes below for a mouth watering sample of the presentation.

Each dish was founded in traditional Peruvian cuisine and brought me through a refresher course of my taste journey in this wonderful country. The modern twists were not out of place and appropriately elevated the cuisine to make it a truly world class experience.


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