Matthew NevilleSip.Click.Bite is a luxury travel and food blog. It focuses on the three elements of a luxurious experience; sipping on a nice drink, clicking away some photographs and immersing yourself in the scene then taking a bite of your food.

I’m Matthew Neville, creator of Sip.Click.Bite, a traveller, photographer and engineer with itchy feet, a soft spot for luxury, an eye for the aesthetic and an adventurous pallet. My travels are uniquely ‘me’. I spend my 9-5, in various factories filled with whirring and buzzing machines lapsing in and out of daydreams of my next travel destination. I am also a photographer and I love to document and ‘live like a local’ when I travel. Well, a local that goes home to a 5-star hotel with a soft fluffy robe, cocktails, buffets and high-speed wi-fi. I am also a food enthusiast (foodie carries too many snobby connotations, I’ll eat anything). I can be found crouched down on a low plastic stool slurping a bowl of noodles next to a sweaty tuk-tuk driver. Conversely, I can be found amongst fine white tablecloths and shiny silverware attempting to find room in my belly for course number 11 of 13 of a dégustation.